Sara Techno Pvt Ltd, intercepted in the year 2005 is a major player of LED TV in India. Consumer durable IT and Electronics Products.A pioneer in technology, the flagship brand of company is 'SARA'.The company has a PAN-India presence through its wide network comprising 50 stock and sales offices and over 300+ service touch points With years of innovation and invaluable asset of more than 2000+ employees, Sara Techno Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a trusted name in the industry today.The Brand exhibits an exhaustive portfolio of 3 product categories ranging from.

  • LED TVs
  • Led Light
  • Solar light & Panel.

The company has researched and development activities in India and China that is well-equipped with modern equipment and is manage by highly qualified and experienced team looking after product design & development.These facilities ensure that products are offered in line with latest global standards.Sara's state of the art manufacturing facilities are based in New Delhi, Shahjahanpur (UP) & Noida -NCR in India that manufacture diverse products.Sales are routed through a distribution network comprising 500+ distributors and 4000+ dealers spread across the country. Products are also available at more than 150 dedicated counters of reputed chains of hyper markets and specialty stores across the country, on TV shopping channels and e-commerce sites.

Solar Home Lighting System


Model PV Model Battery Capacity Max.Recomanded Load
& Duty Cycle
Model 1 55 Watt 40 Ah / 12V 9W CFL- 01 Nos.
DC Fan- 01 Nos.
Model 2 75 Watt 75 Ah / 12V 9W CFL- 02 Nos.
DC Fan- 01 Nos.
Model 3 100 Watt 90 Ah / 12V 9W CFL- 03 Nos.
DC Fan- 01 Nos.
Model 4 200 Watt 135 Ah / 12V 9W CFL- 03 Nos.
DC Fan- 02 Nos.


  • High Module Efficiency.
  • Better Cell to Module Conversion Efficiency.
  • Qualified for IEC Standards.
  • CE & RoHS Compliance.
  • An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
  • Hybrid System for uninterrupted power supply.
  • Remote monitoring system.

How Solar Works

Pump Layout Diagram

  • Product Warranty; 05 Years against any manufacturing defect.
  • Performance Warranty; Limited Performance Warranty 90% for 10 years & 80% for 25 years.

Typical Electrical Characteristic FEW RATINGS

Model/Type Pmax
Max Power@STC
Max Power Voltage
Max Power Current
SARA 12P55 55 18 3.25 706x661x35mm
SARA 12P75 75 18 4.17 866x661x35mm
SARA 12P100 100 18 5.56 1151x661x35mm
SARA 24P200 200 36 5.56 1645x983x50mm
SARA 24P250 250 36 6.95 1645x983x50mm
SARA 24P300 300 36 8.34 1961x983x50mm

Available rating are form 5 watt to 300 watt.
*IV parameter are tested as STC (irradiance of 1000 W/m^2,AM 1.5G and temprature 25*C)